What Does Your Local Vintage Collective Have In Store For You This Holiday?

The holidays are a time of joy and can also be a time that we reminisce about the holidays of our past. Many of us remember experiences with loved ones who live far away, friends and family we don’t see very often or even those who may no longer be with us. The scents and sights of Vintage Christmas and Holiday Fare remind us of the people we’ve spent these special moments with through memories triggered by simple loved objects, especially ones used around the holidays. That’s why stores like Innovintage Place are so important around the holidays, we are a time capsule filled with so many stories.

Our Christmas And Vintage Inspired Display Storefront

Was it that purple pyrex pie dish your mother once used? The one to make her special holiday pies… or, was it the smell of cranberry spice soap? This reminds you of the smell at your grandparents house?

There are so many nostalgic things that remind us about the holidays and in vintage markets we can hunt for special pieces with sentimental value.

Hounds Of Hale @innovintageplace

At Innovintage Place we tell a story within our vignettes and around the holidays we pay homage to memories.

There is so much to find and so much to love. Customers are inspired by our displays and they appreciate the relaxed shopping atmosphere we offer this time of year. Shopping for the holidays does not have to be stressful but instead can be an inspiring occasion to enjoy!

Innovintage Place is open for the holidays Thursday through Sunday and will announce extended hours the week leading up to Christmas. Remember to check us out and like us on Facebook where we are constantly posting updates and pictures of new (vintage) merchandise.

Vintage & Arts March Madness Continues at IP

Innovintage Place is hosting an in store contest with a social media twist. This month (March 2019) visitors have a chance to win a $100 shopping spree and many other prizes just by coming into the shop, taking pictures of the space, and sharing on their Facebook pages with a hashtag #innovintageplace.


The event was planned for Saturday, March 23rd and as we had such a successful weekend we are extending the contest to the end of the month to give more customers a chance to win the grand prize!

Do you want a chance to win? It’s easy to participate. Stop by while we are open, take some pictures and share (Facebook Public) with a hashtag #innovintageplace during the month of March. The poster with the most likes and shares wins the grand prize! All participants are entered to win artisan made items and gift certificates to our vintage booths! We have free soap samples too!!!

Sunday March 10 – Store closed due to inclement weather

Hello to all our dearest customers and friends. We had every intention on opening today, even in the storm because we are hard core New Englanders! While Skye was on her way she came up to a complete stand still on route 2 in Gill, Massachusetts. The police closed off the whole road and asked us to turn around due to a pile up at the bottom of the hill, Bartons Cove. It is because of this and the fact that the roads are very unsafe from the North Quabbin region into the valley that we aren’t opening today.

We are sad about this closure today but, when nature tells us to “sit down, relax” this gives us a chance to take a sigh and think “What type of DIY projects can I work on today?” We all have sad old chairs, tables, old frames, tchotchkes and more, and this weather event gives us a chance to save and re-love them! So, go down in your basements, up in your attics, out in the shed and find that sad piece and give it your DIY hug!

Did you hear about that new store, Innovintage Place?

So, what is all that hubbub about? No one could have imagined how incredibly special this place would become inside of only 6 weeks. With a nearly half-full house of talented collectors and crafters, this gorgeous space has the wow factor. There is so much more in store coming spring/summer 2019, inside and out.

Skye Wellington, Founder with Oliver

Skye Wellington, Innovintage Place’s Founder has been busy overseeing the ins and outs of the store and challenges members of the collective to push outside their comfort zone to truly encompass what is a unique vintage and handmade boutique experience.

In a room full of sunlight and history, walk into the good smells of all natural fragrant soaps and salves by Potager Handcrafted, get an instant laugh as you pass by Sass & Cheek greeting cards, and then be taken in by the warmth and glow of our rustic building filled with locally handmade gifts and boutique style vintage booths. 

Potager Handcrafted @innovintageplace
Sass and Cheek @innovintageplace

76 Hope Street, Greenfield, MA. has been standing for over 100 years and at one time was a thriving shoe factory, thereafter the building was used during WWI to assemble mess kits and then, by FW Webb into the 70’s. Now the building is home to Innovintage Place, a community of artists and a dog training facility. This true antique brick and mortar building is the perfect backdrop for vintage found and made.

Copper Moon Farm @innovintageplace
Rustic Sheathes Vintage @innovintageplace

So, whether you are in the market for antiques, handmade gifts or just want to be inspired, Innovintage Place has a warm and inviting place for you to come and enjoy year round! Come and get your vintage on!

Innovintage Place is coming to town! Vendors Wanted!


Finally, we have a location to spread our wings and we are so excited to tell you all about it! We plan to move into The Web building on Hope Street in Greenfield, MA this holiday season and, we will need a spectacular team of vendors signed on in order to make it all happen. So now, it’s your turn to be in the spotlight.

Our “Soft Opening” is planned for Friday, November 23rd following this year’s Thanksgiving Holiday. Why not open during the busiest shopping season of the year? This will be a fantastic season for us to start and support our collective of Vintage Dealers and Artisans. The store will be open Friday through Sunday with later nighttime hours on Fridays and Saturdays to take advantage of the spectacular nightlife that happens in the hipster town of Greenfield, MA. Right up the street from us is a local hot spot, Hope & Olive which serves a unique and delicious menu featuring locally grown foods and a mixology (drinks) menu that will surely warm your cheeks this winter. Just around the corner is the train coming in from NYC. City folks are encouraged to visit!

Innovintage Biz Card at the WebThe “Grand Opening” which we just can’t wait to happen will be scheduled following our official full occupancy at Innovintage Place. Vendors will be invited to a private party the night of our Grand Opening. At this time Innovintage Place will be extending their hours into the week and will be open Wednesday through Sunday, with plans to support at least three spectacular employees to take care of our customers, operate the register and keep all our gorgeous displays in check.

Now is the time to apply and sign on to join our collective. Space is expected to go very quickly and the wait list will grow fast and long. All applicants will be reviewed by a “jury” prior to being accepted into the collective. Our jury consists of a former gallery owner, interior designer and fine antiques collector, and an amazingly creative local artisan. Our antiques vendors will be talented curators with exceptional home decor design skills and our artisans make hand made gifts to bring joy into everyone’s home. All are encouraged to apply!

To apply fill out our Innovintage Place Application and email it to our Founder, Skye Wellington.

For more information visit us on facebook, www.facebook.com/innovintage

The Before Pictures of the “Before & After”


Are you as excited as we are??!!!

There is something so magical about being on the river and that’s one of the things that makes this location so exciting. We are walking distance to downtown Turners Falls which serves as home to many local attractions.

Turners Falls has many vintage and antiques shops so Innovintage Place will be a fantastic addition to downtown’s vintage shopping attractions. Other attractions in downtown Turners Falls include a handful of artisan bars and restaurants, The Shea Theater, historical sites, annual Pumpkin Fest, The Discovery Center, Fish Ladder, and Unity Park.

Vintage Innovators, Your Dream Marketplace is Coming!



Innovintage Place is an antiques, vintage and handmade marketplace focused in Home Decor and Interior Design. We support Dealers and Designers as well as Artisans with an assortment of smaller handmade items. Innovintage Place is opening in 2018 in the picturesque town of Turners Falls, Massachusetts. We’ll be on the canal! The store will serve as an anchor store inside an old cotton mill about to go under some mega renovations. Innovintage Place will be a great place in town to shop and be inspired for your home decor endeavors.

We believe our success is first and foremost based on community involvement. We are here to embrace the river valley area and actively pursue making Innovintage Place an inviting culture for both local folk and visitors abroad. The store will have regular hours open Wednesday – Sunday with late hours on Fridays and Saturdays and extended 7 days a week during the holidays. Innovintage Place has plans to host a series of events including a Farmer’s Market on the weekends, an annual Vintage Fest in downtown Turners Falls, a monthly story hour with local guest readers for kids one Sunday each month, and vintage dance party every Friday night for our last hour open.  The store will have a Vintage Themed Photo Shoot area designated for portraits hosted by guest photographers in the area.

Vendors at Innovintage Place are identified as the “Local Artisan” with handmade crafts or “Resident Designer” specializing in collection, recreation and display of vintage items and antiques.


Artisan Shelf Space

Vintage and Antiques Booths

We encourage you to apply to be part of the Innovintage Place community. Innovintage Place is a juried marketplace and anticipates to have a wait list so sign up soon. We encourage all vendors to market their collectives and skills through social media. Keeping your social media posts up to date and displaying your collective will help the Innovintage Place community as a whole.

We are nesting inside an old brick cotton mill with gorgeous post & beam and brick walls. Located in between the canal and the river with beautiful views of the natural landscape. We have 2,400 square feet to fill with your talent! The store will feature all new lighting, a feature brick wall with reclaimed wood artisan shelving, stained and polished concrete floors, bright sunlit windows and original wood planked ceiling.


Contact Skye Wellington: skye@innovintageplace.com




Wrap me in sunlight..The search continues…

Exciting search to find our Innovintage Place home sweet home.

And yes, sunlit windows such as these make my jaw drop. Lets just say, this space is dream phase # 2. I couldn’t be dreaming any bigger then I am right now, right?

Old New England is waking back up.

~Vintage Industrial Bliss~

In Search of Home…

Nestled in the quiet little town of Orange, MA is a once upon a time community of textile and tool factories. Innovintage Place needs a forever home. And, we’ve gotta dream big!


South Main Street, Orange MA

Big Dreaming

First Floor: Riverside Cafe ~ Tap Room ~ Antiques Mkt.

Second Floor: Shops – Flowers and Wine – Local Artisans

Third Floor: Banquet ~ Conference Ctr. ~ Guest Rooms ~ Bed & Breakfast



Gotta start somewhere. Have to dream big!

The Sentimental Centerpiece ~DIY~

My good friend’s grandmother passed away recently and I was invited to the estate to see some of the antiques in the home and help by taking some furniture off the family’s hands. Of course my heart leaped as soon as I saw the pine cones! In New England we have gorgeous pine cones and trees but one thing we are lacking is BIG pine cones like these “Floridian” ones I found on Granny’s front porch. Now there’s  a good Centerpiece anywhere you can find Pine Cones!


The Pine Cone Centerpiece with Sentiment