Dear Customers, We want you to stay safe…

I’m posting this publicly for my community in Greenfield, MA and beyond. This is in response to the Covid-19 outbreak that is spreading through the historic state of Massachusetts…

There are so many uncertainties in our country right now but one thing is for sure, business owners need to take responsibility, to set profit aside and think about the well being of the public first. I am so so sad, but I am closing #innovintageplace this week and will be reviewing re-opening on a week by week case. I refuse to put my vendors, friends, staff and customers in jeopardy by encouraging them to go out into public and to potentially contract or spread this horrible horrible disease. This is going to be very difficult on me and the vendors of Innovintage Place. But this is absolutely necessary and the most responsible thing I can think to do. I love all of you and that’s enough to want to stop this thing so we can enjoy each others company soon.

Skye Wellington

We can all love and do vintage together, still! Stay strong!

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