What Does Your Local Vintage Collective Have In Store For You This Holiday?

The holidays are a time of joy and can also be a time that we reminisce about the holidays of our past. Many of us remember experiences with loved ones who live far away, friends and family we don’t see very often or even those who may no longer be with us. The scents and sights of Vintage Christmas and Holiday Fare remind us of the people we’ve spent these special moments with through memories triggered by simple loved objects, especially ones used around the holidays. That’s why stores like Innovintage Place are so important around the holidays, we are a time capsule filled with so many stories.

Our Christmas And Vintage Inspired Display Storefront

Was it that purple pyrex pie dish your mother once used? The one to make her special holiday pies… or, was it the smell of cranberry spice soap? This reminds you of the smell at your grandparents house?

There are so many nostalgic things that remind us about the holidays and in vintage markets we can hunt for special pieces with sentimental value.

Hounds Of Hale @innovintageplace

At Innovintage Place we tell a story within our vignettes and around the holidays we pay homage to memories.

There is so much to find and so much to love. Customers are inspired by our displays and they appreciate the relaxed shopping atmosphere we offer this time of year. Shopping for the holidays does not have to be stressful but instead can be an inspiring occasion to enjoy!

Innovintage Place is open for the holidays Thursday through Sunday and will announce extended hours the week leading up to Christmas. Remember to check us out and like us on Facebook where we are constantly posting updates and pictures of new (vintage) merchandise.

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