Sunday March 10 – Store closed due to inclement weather

Hello to all our dearest customers and friends. We had every intention on opening today, even in the storm because we are hard core New Englanders! While Skye was on her way she came up to a complete stand still on route 2 in Gill, Massachusetts. The police closed off the whole road and asked us to turn around due to a pile up at the bottom of the hill, Bartons Cove. It is because of this and the fact that the roads are very unsafe from the North Quabbin region into the valley that we aren’t opening today.

We are sad about this closure today but, when nature tells us to “sit down, relax” this gives us a chance to take a sigh and think “What type of DIY projects can I work on today?” We all have sad old chairs, tables, old frames, tchotchkes and more, and this weather event gives us a chance to save and re-love them! So, go down in your basements, up in your attics, out in the shed and find that sad piece and give it your DIY hug!

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