Did you hear about that new store, Innovintage Place?

So, what is all that hubbub about? No one could have imagined how incredibly special this place would become inside of only 6 weeks. With a nearly half-full house of talented collectors and crafters, this gorgeous space has the wow factor. There is so much more in store coming spring/summer 2019, inside and out.

Skye Wellington, Founder with Oliver

Skye Wellington, Innovintage Place’s Founder has been busy overseeing the ins and outs of the store and challenges members of the collective to push outside their comfort zone to truly encompass what is a unique vintage and handmade boutique experience.

In a room full of sunlight and history, walk into the good smells of all natural fragrant soaps and salves by Potager Handcrafted, get an instant laugh as you pass by Sass & Cheek greeting cards, and then be taken in by the warmth and glow of our rustic building filled with locally handmade gifts and boutique style vintage booths. 

Potager Handcrafted @innovintageplace
Sass and Cheek @innovintageplace

76 Hope Street, Greenfield, MA. has been standing for over 100 years and at one time was a thriving shoe factory, thereafter the building was used during WWI to assemble mess kits and then, by FW Webb into the 70’s. Now the building is home to Innovintage Place, a community of artists and a dog training facility. This true antique brick and mortar building is the perfect backdrop for vintage found and made.

Copper Moon Farm @innovintageplace
Rustic Sheathes Vintage @innovintageplace

So, whether you are in the market for antiques, handmade gifts or just want to be inspired, Innovintage Place has a warm and inviting place for you to come and enjoy year round! Come and get your vintage on!

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